806, 2016

Learn More about Circle Up!

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To learn more, look for the Circle Up tab under groups and ministries, or Click here: http://universitymethodist.com/group/circle-up/


2504, 2016

U.S.S. Manna

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2504, 2016

Easter Fun 2016

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2603, 2016

Responding to Disaster

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Strong winds and heavy rains caused immediate damage and flash flooding throughout the state, then as the rain continued to fall, rivers overflowed their banks flooding more homes, many of which are still underwater.  The needs of the people affected by these floods are diverse and great and will continue for days and weeks […]

2603, 2016

Youth Serving Others

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University Youth know how important it is to have fun.  They recently shared their love of fun and games with residents at Rosewood Nursing Home calling BINGO!  Join them for service and fun on Sunday nights from 4:00 – 5:30.  Contact John Calvin Johnson to learn more about activities for youth grades 6-12 at jcjohnson@universitymethodist.com.