A group whose mission is to help people who have been affected by mental illness to experience the power, presence and love of God through fellowship in a community of believers.
Meeting Times and Locations: Wednesday nights from September to the end of May.  We share a meal with Mid|Point beginning at 5:30 pm in the Safe Harbor Worship Center.  We participate in a 30 minute Mid|Point worship service from 6:00-6:30 pm.  The Circle Up meeting starts after Mid|Point worship.

Additionally, we meet at noon for lunch on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Contact: Mickey Shannon (cell: 337-540-7813) or John Morris

What is a Circle Up meeting like?

Providing a meal at round tables, Circle Up members are greeted by each other and have an opportunity to share with each other as family. Catching up on current activities in each other’s lives and discussing their situations with meds, doctor visits, grandchildren, spouses and friends, members discuss the events of their lives.

Regular attendance at Circle Up meetings provides members a chance to make friends, develop support systems outside of family, study the Bible and regularly pray together for the needs of each other.

After sharing a meal, Circle Up members participate in a Bible study that is lead by a member or leader. This is the core of the Circle Up meeting. The facilitated reading of scripture with discussion, not a lecture, but a Bible study is intended to teach participants how to integrate spiritual truths into everyday life application.

The New International Version (NIV) of the Life Application Study Bible is used for study. Once a person has attended Circle Up meetings three times, he/she is presented with an NIV Life Application Study Bible. By having everyone use the same translation, members can read the selected scriptures out loud, together. This method enhances the understanding of scripture by participation even for those who have limited reading ability.

After the devotional has been discussed, there is a time for praise and prayer concerns. Individuals share with the group their personal requests for prayer. Those who have experienced answered prayers are encouraged to share their praises as well.

The meeting concludes with a Circle Up circle where participants gather for closing prayer.

What is the mission of Circle Up?

Persons who have been affected by mental illness will experience the power, presence and love of God through fellowship in a community of believers.

What is the motto of Circle Up?

Circle Up is a spiritually challenging biblical support group. Through Circle Up, and with God’s help, I desire to grow emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. As a participant, I agree to help create a safe, healthy, alcohol and drug free fellowship in order to guide each other toward a more prayerful, responsible, spiritual lifestyle.

What are the core beliefs?

God is who he says he is. God can do what he says he can do. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. God loves me. I have a purpose in life. I am not alone.

What are the purposes of Circle Up?

  • Increase socialization
  • Decrease isolation
  • Build natural support systems in community
  • Recognition of individual gifts and strengths
  • Teach biblical literacy and application as sources of strength for coping

What are the Circle Up systems?

  • Education…devotional study
  • Fellowship…recreation activities, recognizing birthdays, holiday activities
  • Missions…beyond ourselves for others
  • Worship…participation in corporate church
  • Outreach…telling the story of Circle Up, transportation, inviting

What are the advocacy objectives of Circle Up?

For other houses of faith to begin Circling Up and offering full participation in faith community for members affected by mental illness.

Mental health providers to take seriously the role of spirituality in the lives of consumers by inclusion in treatment planning.