Traditional Sunday Service

Join us as we gather in the Sanctuary at 8:30am every Sunday for a traditional Methodist Worship experience. In addition to a sermon by our lead Pastor, this service includes scripture readings, responsive readings, reciting of the ancient creeds of the Christian faith and musical performances by our chancel choir and other established local musicians. We sing hymns from The United Methodist Hymnal and The Faith We Sing song book led by our Chancel Choir and accompanied by organ. Monthly celebration of Holy Communion is practiced, where all who profess faith in Jesus Christ or long to do so are welcome.

Contemporary Service

We meet for a contemporary-style worship in the Safe Harbor Worship Center at 11:00 am every Sunday. Come experience God’s incredible love through scripture, worship, music, and word.  Join us as we strive to learn new ways to spread His Gospel through both words and actions.

Nursery during worship

Your children are welcome in any of our worship services.  If you need a nursery, one is available behind the Sanctuary.  Nursery during worship is available for children ages 0-4, and nursery Sunday school for children who have not yet begun a preK-3 school year.  Nursery is available for children of all ages during our Wednesday night Community Learning Experience, and during other adult church gatherings.


Mid|Point is the name of our Wednesday night worship and community learning experience.  Starting at 5:30 a meal is served in the Safe Harbor Worship Center ($5 per person, maximum $10 per family).  From 6:00-6:30 there is an informal worship service in the Sanctuary  Each Mid|Point worship service includes a short message, hymns accompanied by acoustic guitar, and communion open to all.  A community learning experience follows the worship service from 6:30-7:30. 

Mid|Point will resume January 18, 2017. 


Here are the offerings for the Winter/Spring semester:

Disciple Fast Track – Part of the original DISCIPLE family of Bible studies, FAST TRACK provides a great option for busy people who seek to gain a better understanding of the Bible and want to grow as disciples. This new FAST TRACK is specifically designed for those whose schedules often prohibit a full reading of the Bible. FAST TRACK for this spring will meet for 12 weeks and cover the New Testament. You may participate in this group without taking the Old Testament last fall. There is a participant’s workbook for this class.

Facilitator – Linda Trouard

Duration: TBD


Parenting 101: Important topics for all parents. No matter your parenting style or the age of your children, all parents have questions they’d enjoy having a chance to ask professionals who are trained to answer them and to discuss parenting issues within the comfortable, safe setting of a small group. Parenting 101 will cover topics such as bullying, social media issues including video games and apps aimed at children, sibling relationships, peers, and many others. Topics will also be determined by the needs and interests of the group. If you have children, don’t miss this opportunity. Foster Cline’s popular book PARENTING WITH LOVE AND LOGIC will serve as a guide for the discussions.

Facilitators – Family Plus Counselors

Duration:  TBD


The Second Half of Life: Living with Significance

In the first half of life, we are naturally and rightly preoccupied with establishing our identity–climbing, achieving, and performing.  But those concerns do not always serve us as we grow older and begin to embark on a further journey of giving way to old rhythms as we retire, and are faced with many questions: How now will I live?  Experience meaning in my life?  Use my influence for good?  Join us for an important conversation as we walk through the wisdom of Falling Upward by Richard Rohr and seek to faithfully understand and act on opportunities in this rich time.

Facilitator:  Rev. Katie McKay Simpson and Brenda Romero

Duration:   TBD


Lenten Bible Study and Prayer Experience

Want to increase your faith-filled devotion and practice during this holy season? This no-homework, conversational study is just for you!

Led by: TBD

Duration: TBD