(337) 477-2003

Description of Service: Assisting with stuffing, sealing and stamping of church publications.

Frequency of Service: As needed.

Length of Time: 2 hours.

Answer Phones

Description of Service: Help with answering phones in the church office while staff are out of the office or on vacation.

Frequency of Service: 1 morning or afternoon per week.

Length of Time: 3 hour shifts.


Description of Service: Take digital photographs for church publications and website.

Frequency of Service: As needed.

Length of Time: Varies.

Attendance Pad/ Pew Information Maintenance

Description of Service: Make sure all registration slips are removed, replace empty/damaged pads, sharpen pencils, refill offering envelopes and prayer cards in pockets.

Frequency of Service: Weekly.

Length of Time: 1 hour.