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Ever had that feeling that you would just feel better if you knew the people up there talking?  Join us for our Newcomer’s Coffee, happening the first Sunday of every month.  Meet your pastors and other key lay leaders that are integral to the life of our ministry, and experience an open forum to ask questions of any kind.


Join us for this experience offered as an orientation to the vision of University United Methodist Church and a conversation about The United Methodist Church–its past, present and future–and how this heritage is exactly what your family and our community needs today. 

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To become Christian is to receive a new identity, and baptism celebrates the becoming that new person.  We baptize infants and people of all ages in the United Methodist Church. If you’re interested or have questions about baptism for you or a member of your family, please contact Rev. Angela at angela.bulhof@universitymethodist.com.


Many of us are not as big on “joining” clubs or organizations these days–life moves fast, and maintaining commitment to even things that matter in our lives are difficult.  Joining the church, however, is a different experience–it invites us into a deeper life of being “all in” through our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.  If you’re interested or have questions about the process of joining University UMC, please contact Rev. Angela at angela.bulhof@universitymethodist.com.


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