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The University United Methodist Church Day School was started in 1960 with an enrollment of ten students, consisting of six 5 year olds and four 4 year olds.  Other classes have been added through the years, and a curriculum has been developed for each age group.  The program was expanded to include full time day care in February of 1976.  Five year old kindergarten was taught from 1960 through May of 1991, when the program was discontinued.

Although the Day School is operated under the auspices of the University United Methodist Church, it is non-denominational in its teaching.  Any religious instruction is within the context of the Christian faith.

University United Methodist Church, in organizing the weekday school, recognizes and accepts its opportunity for the Christian education of the young child by providing a Christian environment for his care, and a teaching learning situation in which the child will enrich his life spiritually and afford him a good readiness program for formal education in the elementary schools.  The curriculum includes art and creative activities, story time, singing, and music, games, science, discussion, and supervised play in and out of doors.

We have designed our program to help the child find a comfortable, contributing place in a group situation, to feel his own worth and the worth of others as children of God, and to consider the developmental needs of the individual child.

The Day School is a Type III licensed center, and as such must meet the minimum requirements established by the State of Louisiana.

Phone: 337-478-4347

Hours: M-F 7:00 am to 5:30 pm

Adress: 3501 Patrick Street
Lake Charles, LA 70605


3501 Patrick Street, Lake Charles, LA 70605
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