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Fees and Payment Schedule

There is a registration fee of $100.00 per child for the Fall session with a supply/curriculum fee of $50 for all children and a Summer session registration fee of $40.00 per child.  Registration for summer only is $40, fall only is $150, and summer and fall is $190.


* Infant Class: $600.00 per month

* Toddler Classrooms: $580.00 per month

* 2 year old classrooms: $560 per month

* 3 year old classrooms: $ 550.00 per month

* 4 year old classrooms: $525 per month


* Part time M-F 1/2 day or all day MWF: $400 per month

We also offer TTH if there is already a MWF child registered in the class.  Call the day school office for availability and rates. 

UUMDS reserves the right to change rates with 90 days advanced notice.

We offer special rates available for two or more children in the same family.  All tuition fees are payable in advance.  Tuition will be paid by the month.  Tuition fees are figured at the minimum possible for the standards we intend to maintain, and must be paid regardless of the child’s absence from school.  The only exception is explained in the Attendance paragraph below.  Registration fees are separate from, and in addition to, the weekly charges and are not applied toward tuition payments. Registration fees are NON REFUNDABLE. The initial registration fee is charged to help defray the expenses, which are not a part of the regular monthly operation of the school.  These expenses include the purchase of crayons, paints, scissors, paper, construction paper, glue, furniture, toys, etc.  In the event of withdrawal by parents of a child after registration but before classes start, the fee will be refunded ONLY in the event of moving out of town.  If the child is already attending, a 2 week notice in writing or two weeks paid tuition is required.


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